Franci Neely’s Success Story

Franci Neely is a very influential figure in the American community. Many people have recognized the talented executive because of her involvement with volunteer work and philanthropy. Before starting to get involved with philanthropy, Neely was working in the law industry. Further reading: Franci Neely – Crunchbase Person Profile/ The long and amazing career life […]

Hawker’s President Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

After investing in several victorious ventures, Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has become well known as the man with the Midas touch of which is Hawkers sunglasses, an iconic Spanish brand that is becoming known globally for its eco-friendly designs and cost-effectiveness. The firm led a capitalized round having a face value of approximately $56 million […]

James Brearley, The Automobile Retailer on Profits and Philanthropy

James Brearley is a household name equivalent to success in the automotive industry in the United Kingdom. He possesses skills in automobiles, automotive, international sales, marketing strategy, business development, sales operation, and customer satisfaction. He attended Kingswinford School and King Edward 6th form college, where he acquired knowledge of sales in the automotive industry and […]

          Academy of Art University Has New Projects Coming Down the Line

IDEATION Ideation was the initial stage towards finishing this work. In order to meet the requirements of Stellantis, each student at Academy of Art University devised a topic that fit the bill. Climate change, social injustice, social health and more were among the topics discussed. Solar energy in cars was also mentioned. The learners then […]

 How the Academy of Art University is Promoting Creativity in the Learning Sector

The Academy of Art University is committed to creativity in the learning sector. Therefore, the school has launched various initiatives to support and encourage creativity among its students. One such initiative is the Academy of Art Creativity Grant. This grant offers financial assistance to students who wish to pursue creative projects. The Academy has also […]