Top Insights About Thomas Neyhart, the Posigen CEO

According to statistics, Thomas Neyhart has acquired more than 20 years of management experience. Over the past ten years, he has been serving as the COO of the Utica Rentals, a huge retail chain that has employed more than 165 employees across six states. Later on, Thomas Neyhart collaborated with an executive company that focuses on staffing construction, which has employed more than 250 construction specialists in the United States. Thomas Neyhart was short-listed as the primary Goldman Sachs 100 back in 2004. 


He was titled the outstanding business guru and continues inspiring and motivating other upcoming entrepreneurs globally. Nowadays, Posigen CEO Thomas Neyhart is operating at the construction company and renewable energy. Its main objective is to provide outstanding and reliable power to its customers around the United States. They are working hard to ensure solar energy is more pocket-friendly and available, particularly to low-income communities and societies of color. By doing so, many families can easily access its solar leasing program. 


Furthermore, this particular program makes them invest in their respective homes, save a dime on the utility bill, and achieve a brighter future in the long run. Their mission is to achieve a significant difference in many societies and bettering the entire world with energy. Also, they don’t focus on making huge money but ensuring their consumers can save every dime amicably. At the PosiGen company, Thomas Neyhart embraces the diversity perspective, and that makes it collectively work with its serving communities. According to Posigen CEO’s recent report, they have successfully employed over 65 percent of women. With its pocket-friendly solar energy, a large population can comfortably save a dime on their utility cost and eventually boost their economy.

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