The Amazing Joey Feste Wears More Than One Hat

Joey Feste takes the position of Senior Managing Partner of KM Capital Management in Austin, Texas, very serious. He has successfully served since 2004. He offers his clients many services that provide a personalized financial plan. He has won the trust of his clients for thirty years.

Feste graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics at University of Texas in 1987. He took the reins immediately as an investment advisor with Pain Webber. He stepped to Morgan Stanley where he honed his financial skills.

His experience led him to launch his career with KM Capital Management which was his own business with unique goals for each of his clients. He earned the trust of each client over the years with exceptional wealth management strategies.

Joey Fest and his wife co-founded Kingdom Life Church. He continues to be the senior leader there and has lived the vision that God gave him. He was part of the plan to start a church in San Antonio to offer people a chance to know the God he does. He preaches often and brings business leaders into the church to build a community that trusts God’s plan for their lives.

Joey has been married to Kelley for thirty years and has three children.

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