Summary of successful entrepreneur and consultant Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus was a successful entrepreneur who was able to retire by thirty-three due to selling four successful businesses.

He started these businesses by twenty-five but interestingly thought it would never be possible.

Originally from Australia, the entrepreneur decided to create his consulting firm in Sydney.

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Lazarus had a business-like mindset since the age of eight, operating his own businesses.

He went to college after settling on Melbourne Business School and earned his Masters in Business Education.

One important piece of advice he always shares with new clients is understanding what they want.

He strictly believes people must know this before entering the market.

Another thing he recommends to his clients is to make a great effort in outsourcing and acquiring funding through angel investors and venture capitalists.

Many have praised Lazarus for his honesty and ability to help struggling businesses.

Some top marketing trends he saw forthcoming in 2020 were mobile banking, the rise of Instagram, and voice recognition.

He sees these three as big marketing trends going forward into 2021 and beyond.

The consultant is also widely available on social media platforms like Facebook, Behance, Medium, Quora, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube.

He uses these social media channels to share news, education, and to encourage entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur believes in balance and adhering to a schedule.

Lazarus also likes to spend time with friends and give back to the community that molded him.

Luke Lazarus is regarded as a startup business consultant. He affirms he has helped many executives and entrepreneurs.

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