Sesame Street Comes to SeaWorld

Sesame Street is showing up in SeaWorld Orlando in July and beyond. Many of the beloved characters from the show are coming to the park now, including Elmo, Grover, and many others. Sesame Street started its parade on July 10 and will continue through weekends and certain times throughout the day.

The parade from Sesame street had stopped for a while due to conditions in the world, but it resumed in July. Due to the lifting of previous restrictions, you’re going to see Elmo and Big Bird again, parading down the streets for SeaWorld Orlando. Since reservations are no longer needed, it’s now going to be easier than ever to go visit these characters and allow young children who are big fans to see them.

That way, they can see Sesame Street characters and all of the animals at the attraction from sea turtles to rays and more besides. Sesame Street Land at Orlando was voted as one of the best new attractions across the U.S. The show brings a return to education and fun. There are many familiar options here including Hooper’s Store, Big Bird’s Nest, Cookie Monster, and more. Young children will be able to visit the actual locations they recognize from the popular kid’s show.

One of the great things about the event is that it’s actually interactive. You can go to Elmo’s window for example, so that kids can dance, sing and play with Elmo and many of his friends like Bert and Ernie. It may be around for a limited time one way or another, so it’s certainly a good idea to hurry up and visit if you have any mind to while the event is around. After all, it did go away for a bit earlier in the year due to the state of the world and you never know when that can happen again. However, it’s here now.

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