Ross Levinsohn Moves Maven Forward as Its New CEO

Ross LevinsohnWhen Ross Levinsohn graduated from American University in 1985, he was ready to jump into what would ultimately be a successful, influential career in the media tech industry. After he had his Bachelor of Arts in Communication in hand and gained essential experience in lower-level positions, he moved on to an exciting position at CBS Sportsline. He then continued to build the foundation for his career by taking positions with The Boston Group and Whisper Advisors.

When he was hired by Guggenheim Digital Media as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, the professional foundation that he had built was put to great use. Among other responsibilities in this position, Ross Levinsohn assumed control over prime publications such as Billboard Magazine, AdWeek, the Hollywood Reporter and more.

Levinsohn continued to have a bold influence over the industry when he became President at Fox Interactive Media. One of his many successes was to link Fox Interactive Media with with numerous web properties to lead the media company into the future. His influence has also had an impact on the industry through other notable companies. A few of these include the New York Daily Times, Yahoo!, Thryv, the Los Angeles Times, and the Chicago Tribune.

Most recently, Ross Levinsohn has taken the lead role at Maven, which provides single-platform services to a range of independent media companies. Throughout his career, Levinsohn has seen that his drive to work hard, his ability to dream big and his fearlessness to pursue those dreams have taken him far. These same traits will be beneficial as he takes Maven forward as its new CEO.