Ronald Dickey Jr. Makes Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants an International Name

Ronald Dickey Jr. was the CEO of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, the business his family owned and ran for three generations. Under his management, the company saw unparalleled growth. He diversified the business of the company and is currently the CEO of Dickey’s Capital Group. He is on the board of the company’s philanthropic foundation, The Dickey Foundation that supports First Responders and Frontline Workers.

 Ronald Dickey Jr. earned his undergraduate degree in business management from the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. His goal was to work for his family’s company and to gain experience, he worked in many well-known companies in the restaurant industry. He became the CEO of the family business in 2006. His father and uncle had expanded their father’s business from a single location to multiple locations across Texas. Ronald Dickey Jr. harnessed the power of online technology and expanded Dickeys to locations across the US. Currently, the company has restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in addition to the US locations and is rapidly expanding worldwide.

Texas barbecued meat is popular with Texans and visitors. Dickeys was launched by Ronald Dickey Jr’s grandfather Travis Dickey in Dallas. At the time, Dickeys had a simple menu. The restaurant was famous for the taste and quality of the fare. Ronald’s father and uncle took over the business when their father died and developed franchises across Texas and Denver, Colorado. When Ronald Dickey Jr. took over the business, he formulated a strategy by harnessing internet technology to swiftly expand the brand across the US. In 2015, there were over 500 Dickeys Barbecue restaurants across the US. All the fare served at the restaurants is original Texas barbecue recipes including their signature sauce.

Ronald Dickey Jr. has put Dickeys Barbecue restaurants on the map of the US and the World Map. His emphasis on the consistent quality of food has made Texas barbecued food as popular as pizza across the world.