PosiGen Uplifts the Working Class

Electricity is an integral part of people’s livelihood. However, it can become a limiting factor among the working class. Lack of electricity can lead to limited growth and individuals stuck in poverty. PosiGen’s aim is to ensure that everyone has access to power. They supply solar power to everyone interested within New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, and Louisiana. PosiGen has extended its reach in these five states, though it began its operations in New Orleans. So far, it has served more than 14000 clients who have opted to install solar power in their homes. 


The program began after the Hurricane Katrina devastation that brought destruction in New Orleans. The government rolled out various programs to help the community re-establish. However, not everyone benefited from the program and staff members at PosiGen are well aware of it. The working class lost everything and PosiGen saw it wise to initiate this program to help them get back on their feet. It is easy to have access to solar power from PosiGen. 


One needs to choose from the purchase or lease options that the company provides. Whichever choice, one is guaranteed free installation and maintenance cost. When one opts for a purchase option, they will be provided with a discount. However, the purchase option requires instant cash and most of PosiGen’s clients can’t afford this. The PosiGen lease option is the most chosen program for such individuals. They can have solar power installed in their homes, enjoy its benefits, and pay monthly. At PosiGen solar power company, the payment period and monthly installment are tailored so that they don’t feel the burden. 

In case there is any maintenance, PosiGen guarantees free services. Another benefit of choosing PosiGen’s solar power is the net metering system. Normally, one would pay for their total power consumption. However, with the PosiGen net metering system, they can produce more than they need. The excess will be stored in the form of credit, and the client can access it in the future when they consume more than their system can produce. Also, when their power production is low, they can get more from the grid. Such a balance ensures that one is not limited to the supply of power, or electricity is not wasted.