Pablo González Carbonell Talks About Mexico’s Tourist Industry Recovery

Pablo González Carbonell is a Mexican entrepreneur with decades of experience in the tourism industry. He founded Royal Holiday Group in 1983 and is its chairman of the board. His company has over 80,000 members around the world, 180 tourist destinations and 20 sales office across the world. He was educated at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and Universidad Panamerica.

2020 was a tough year for tourism. Pablo González Carbonell recently said the number of tourists in Mexico collapsed by nearly 32%. He’s thankful that the tourism industry been slowly recovering this year, with an increase of 35% more tourists in the first half of this year compared to 2020. However, the number of tourists has declined by 46% compared to 2019.

He said he’s returned to basics at Royal Holiday Group. The focus is on marketing, safety and adapting to the current reality. His company is balancing following health guidelines while still providing tourists with the warmth and service they’ve come to expect when visiting Mexico.

Rates for hotel rooms have been reduced by 50% to attract tourists. The number of flights to Mexico from the United States had a significant rebound once the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic was over. Pablo González Carbonell said another helpful factor was that the borders weren’t closed.

Mexico’s tourism industry has faced crisis before, but each time has come back stronger. The government is allocating a 3% tax on hotels to finance tourism promotion around the world. Organizations in different industries are working together as well. Pablo González Carbonell said hotel companies, tour operators, airline carriers and more are sharing ideas to make Mexico one of the seven most popular places in the world for tourists. While the pandemic isn’t over yet, he’s hopeful about the future.