Online Real Estate Sales: Concierge Auctions

Concierge Auctions is a world-leading marketplace for the trade of the most luxurious real estate. With its establishment in 2008, Concierge Auctions has since sold properties worth billions and billions of dollars to over forty-four different states in the US and properties in about twenty-nine countries. The digitalization of the world enabled Concierge Auctions to have a highly digitalized platform that has connected many high-net-worth people to some of the amazing and coveted properties around the globe.

The most recent auction by Concierge Auctions will be on the twenty-fifth of June, which will be through their official website. The featured property, a penthouse with its location in Beverly Hills. The property on sale is on Sierra Towers, a centennial building with a magnificent view of the Los Angelo’s basin. The penthouse has thirty-two floors and is currently selling at $33.5 million. The building in the auction by Concierge Auctions belongs to billionaire Evan Metropoulos and more

A mile away from the Sierra Towers are nature parks Griffith Park and West Hollywood Park to cater to those who love nature. The penthouse on auction through Concierge Auctions is near the airports LAX and Santa Monica, a thirty- and twenty minutes drive. Concierge Auctions will sort you out when it comes to real estate.