Laura Rea Dickey Is One Of the Top Resourceful People In DBR

Can one achieve success if his or her actions are not data-driven? Of course not. This is because, lack of knowledge results in inadequate decisions, leading to failure. Laura Rea Dickey believes that data-driven decisions are more accurate than following a gut feeling that is not always correct.

In an article entitled “We are passionate about the art of great barbecue.”: Laura Rea Dickey”, The Dickey’s Restaurant CEO states that the restaurant has a strong sense of history, family and competition-style barbecue, where it’s all about the food. Laura tell folks about their story and explain to them who they are and what they’re been doing for 78 years, that brings an authenticity that doesn’t just attract folks to the brand, it’s also what them apart.”

With so many advanced developments in IT like IoT, AI, big data, machine learning, and others, getting data becomes an easy task. Therefore, businesses have no reason not to collect, analyze, and interpret data to get realistic and actionable insights. With enough data, smart decisions will be made, thus paving the way to achieving evolution and commercial growth in your business.

Laura Rea Dickey is a dedicated career woman based in Dallas, Texas. She is also a supportive wife in all aspects, and even professional-wise. After her hubby ascended to the CEO position of the family corporation, he had a vision of helping it attain rapid, scalable growth. Since his plan showed that the firm could only achieve this growth by adopting modern marketing and technology, Laura agreed to join the corporation to help realize the vision since she was an expert in these two areas.

She is the Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants’ CEO, and with her at the helm, the corporation proliferated, becoming the largest BBQ franchise nationwide and now worldwide, thanks to the systems she developed, especially SmokeStack. With such extraordinary growth, Rea and Roland Jr, the husband, pioneered the restructuring of the company’s culture to allow the development of a parent company, Dickey’s Capital Group.

DCG keeps the franchise’s operations in order, under the leadership of Roland, while Rea is the CEO of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants. Even before occupying this seat, she was constantly involved in making any investment and development decisions. For the two international branches, Laura was in the field as the in-charge person.

So far, the corporation has over 550 joints globally and is planning to open more: Both in the country and globally. See related link to learn more.


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