Krishen Iyer Shares His Experience as a CEO of MAIS Consulting with the World

Krishen Iyer is a successful entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the field. As CEO of MAIS Consulting, he has been able to bring his vision for sustainable growth and success to fruition. In this article, Krishen Iyer shares some lessons learned from his time as a CEO on global issues such as sustainability and leadership. Most of these lessons were learned through his failures. Krishen is also the author of Lead For Impact: 


The Lead for Impact is a CEO’s Guide to Implementing Social and Environmental Sustainability in Your Organization, which was published by Greenleaf Publishing this past summer. Success in business is often measured by growth, revenue targets and profits. But, Krishen Iyer points out, suppose you are implementing “sustainability” initiatives to increase your company’s social and environmental impact. In that case, success will be measured in ways that are different from traditional business measurements. What are some typical sustainable initiatives? 


You may try to reduce the CO2 emissions from your distribution fleet, buy only from suppliers who have a record of fair labor practices, or invest in projects that support small-scale farmers. But isn’t it difficult to measure whether these initiatives are successful? Let me share a story about a time when I failed to implement a sustainability initiative successfully. We started a pilot program with local farmers in India to source fruits and vegetables for our cafeterias. Krishen Iyer keeps on: We were aware of some farm labor practices, so we conducted detailed audits on the farms before starting the program. Initially, farmers were ecstatic to see new customers visiting their farms and wanted to work with us again the following season.