Kim Anami Launches an Enlightening Vagina Course and Videos

Kim Anami, the famous sex and relationship coach, has introduced a two-month program to teach women about vaginal health. Women interested in learning how to experience better organisms, increase libidos, and have healthier vaginas will have to subscribe to the program.


The “Do You Even Lift?! With Your Vagina? Program

Anami created this program from her #thingsiliftwithmyvagina campaign, making her famous. The campaign, which went viral on Instagram, showcased Anami traveling across the globe, lifting various items such as coconuts, surfboards, and a glass chandelier to show why women should have a strong pelvic floor. She also lifted the objects to let people see what vaginas can do.

Before debuting the program, Anami introduced two videos to her followers. They included Orgasmatopia, which celebrates various things about women, and “Do You Even Lift? With Your Vagina?” .The latter highlights the vaginal weightlifting exercise and the benefits of having mind-blowing intercourse. According to Anami, she has learned from experience that almost all women have a weak, substandard-performing, and below-pressuring vagina. She believes that a woman disconnected from her vagina and sexuality gets significantly disadvantaged.

Anami uses her vaginal lifting expertise and knowledge to teach women how to experience a strong and pleasurable vagina. Anami has worked as a relationship and sex expert for more than 20 years. She uses the experience and skills acquired over the years to help clients learn how to experience increased energy, intimacy, creativity, and connection with their partners. She has also shared her insights through various TV shows, magazines, and newspapers.

In addition, Anami teaches matters concerning sex through her website,, and YouTube channel. You can get various videos and courses for couples, men, and women from the platforms, learning the benefits of having a healthy vagina. You can check out Anami’s videos and online programs from her website and YouTube channel. She also offers online registration for various vagina courses.


About Kim Anami

Anami is a popular sex and relationship expert. She is also a speaker and writer. You can follow her on Instagram to learn the different vagina lessons she teaches men and women. You will also find the various sexual adventures in the videos she uploads on YouTube and podcasts. Additionally, visit her website to read the sexual education content Anami provides.