John Ritenour- The Selfless Community Servant

John Ritenour is the Insurance Office of America (IoA) founder, a full-service insurance agency. He was born and raised in Mckeesport, the suburbs of Pittsburgh. John Ritenour grew up seeing many families struggle every day to make ends meet, which instilled in him the value of hard work. Coming from a humble background, he was determined to succeed both professionally and financially. He worked very hard in school, right from elementary to higher education in the University.

John Ritenour gives gratitude for his success through philanthropic activities in his community. He gets a lot of fulfillment while giving back. In the spirit of charity, John founded IoA, through which he has created a legacy in Florida dating back to 1995 during the famous 5K. Through his leadership, IoA partnered with several companies, including Track Shack Events, to form the 5K club, which became the most significant philanthropic event in Florida. The partnership continued to grow to the current IoA Corporate 5K community. In Orlando, IoA Corporate 5K is famous for holding the largest office party characterized by fun and charity. Ritenour has provided food and funds to some local charities; some IoA Corporate 5K beneficiaries include The Track Shack Youth Foundation, Christian Service Centre, and Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida.

John Ritenour had a passion for helping, which made him structure his company to allow the insurance producer to grow. He treated them as independent business owners and did not limit the commission they would make. He ensured that the system allowed them to grow as entrepreneurs. John Ritenour retired in 2018 after serving for 30 years. His son Heath took over as the company’s Chairman and CEO. Heath had started working in the company as an intern, where he learned how a company operates. IoA has 50 offices in the USA and London and over 1000 associates.

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