Jason Hughes on Tenant Representation

The tenant representative industry was a field that was rarely ventured into. This is because most agencies drew most of their profits from taking care of their landlords. 


Jason Hughes, a skilled commercial property expert, discovered that there could be immense benefit gained from taking care of the tenants’ benefit. He left work in Los Angeles to start his firm in San Diego together with his wife, Shay Hughes. Jason Hughes is recognized for pioneering the Dual Agency Disclosure Bill. This law accounted for an increase in transparency in settlements between commercial tenants, landlords, and brokers. Here is an account of how Jason Hughes developed Hughes Marino.


Hughes Marino


Entrepreneur Jason Hughes had worked for various corporations as a licensed broker. He, therefore, understood the inefficiencies and troubles of being a commercial property broker. There was a discriminatory focus on the landlords’ interests rather than lease buyers. At that time, the industry was full of property companies that were full of brokers that had no experience or skill. 


The companies did not care to train or equip their brokers but yet expected them to deliver in ensuring they get clients for their landlords. Jason Hughes decided to break the cycle and change the industry. He decided that he would establish Hughes Marino as a means of providing excellent service. First, he introduced his brokers to exceptional lawyers, architects, quantity surveyors, accounting firms, and other professionals in the commercial property industry. These professionals would train their brokers to become experts in the field.


Also, Jason specialized in Hughes Marino to only provide tenant services. His company would only provide services for those leasing and purchasing space for their work, whether individuals or corporations. This aspect was different from what most buyer representation agencies were working on at that time. Therefore, Jason Hugehs did experience a wave of conflict from his competitors. As a result of this effort, the company has stood out as the best tenant and buyer representative in San Diego and a key major player in the United States.