James Brearley, The Automobile Retailer on Profits and Philanthropy

James Brearley is a household name equivalent to success in the automotive industry in the United Kingdom. He possesses skills in automobiles, automotive, international sales, marketing strategy, business development, sales operation, and customer satisfaction. He attended Kingswinford School and King Edward 6th form college, where he acquired knowledge of sales in the automotive industry and made a profit in all business areas.

James Brearley is the immediate former Chief Executive Officer at Inchcape U.K, a franchise dealing with the global distribution of automotive from leading brands such as Audi, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Land Rover. He departed from the franchise to take on new challenges after his immense contribution that led to its growth and continued success.

Notably, under Brearley’s leadership, Inchcape U.K made an impressive recovery in 2021against the losses occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic to produce a 131% rise in profits before tax and a 12% rise in turnover. The company added original equipment manufacturers OEMs through contract winning and acquisitions, added new markets, and realigned its strategic plan, putting the company in a better position for cash generation, market consolidation, and long-term value for its stakeholders.

James Brearley has vast experience in the automotive industry, where he has worked for over thirty-five years in different positions. He has worked as the director at Premier Aircraft Maintenance Limited before moving to Pendragon PLC. He served as the Divisional Managing Director, Stratstone Premium Division, responsible for Ford Premium brands, before being promoted to the Franchise Group Director, responsible for the Jaguar group. Brearley was the Managing Director at Stratstone, where he recorded high profits in 2015 before his departure to start his own business, JRB Automotive, then moved to Inchcape, U.K.

Outside of his professional career, Brearley is a philanthropist involved in charity to make a difference. He is a trustee at Making a difference charity, a position he has held since 2016 that donates to tackle homelessness, contributes to charities dealing with children, and provides services to persons living with disabilities. The charity foundation is based in Solihull, England, in the United Kingdom, making an impact by touching one soul at a time.