Jack Mason and the Growth of his Company

Jack MasonJack Mason is a business owner who has seen incredible success in recent months. After founding his company, Inc & Co., Jack has grown exponentially and now boasts an impressive client list including Nike, Adidas, and Oreo. His ability to find talented employees and work ethic have helped him grow this small start-up into a powerhouse of international brands.

Jack Mason has a long history of success in the business world. After graduating from Oxford University, Jack began working at an investment firm for two years before founding Inc & Co., which he still runs today. Today, Inc & Co is one of the most well-known brands in their industry, and they are continuing to grow. Their client list includes companies such as Nike, Adidas, and Oreo. This company is a powerhouse in making connections between brands and retailers with their professional team members.

Jack Mason is the CEO of Inc & Co, a business that helps increase revenue for companies across all industries. Jack has seen significant growth in his leadership position at this company over the past year alone, with many new clients and employees joining on board – including himself! He brought on two other directors working hard each day to help grow the company and expand its reach to connect with more clients. Jack loves traveling and meeting new people, so his role as CEO of Inc & Co is perfect for him! He believes that everyone can succeed if they work hard enough – even those just starting in business.

Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO have seen tremendous growth in recent months. Jack has over 30 years of experience within the UK hospitality industry and developed a passion for food while managing various pubs at The University College London Union. Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO led them to train as a chef under world-renowned French Chef Raymond Blanc OBE (he was awarded the Officer of The Most Excellent Order Of The British Empire in 2005). Jack later went on to manage five-star hotels, including Claridge’s and Brown’s Hotel.

Jack Mason

In 2014 he started Inc & Co with his wife Hannah Mason, who worked as a solicitor for 20 years within commercial law. Since then, they have continued to grow their business by expanding their offering, acquiring new clients, and collaborating with other professionals.

Today they have a team of 26 staff members, including two chefs, sous-chefs & bartenders, to support the catering function across all hospitality areas. They are very passionate about what they do and believe that food should be used to incentivize performance.