Huascar Lopez Started Working As An Advertising Executive

Biography of Huascar Lopez

Huascar Lopez is a businessperson who has been involved in many different industries since the early days of his career. He started working as an advertising executive but quickly moved on to become a venture capitalist and angel investor. Huascar Lopez is currently the co-founder and CEO of cfxworldteam, a company that helps businesses with their fundraising efforts.

On December 7, 1962, Huascar Lopez was born in Lima, Peru.

Huascar Lopez was born in December in Lima, Peru. He is famous for his work in the online gaming industry, where he founded two of the world’s leading gaming companies. Lopez has also invested in several other successful businesses. He is a member of the Crunchbase and CFXworldteam sites, where he has written about his experiences investing in startups. Lopez is a passionate advocate for entrepreneurship and innovation, and he has spoken about these topics at various events around the world.

Huascar Lopez started his career working as a software engineer for IBM.

In 2000, he founded a startup that became part of Intel. In 2007, Huascar co-founded NGENX and served as its CEO until Intel acquired it in 2016. Huascar is now the Vice President of Global Strategic Marketing for Intel. At Intel, Huascar has led product marketing across several markets, including mobile, data center, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. He has also helped drive innovation in the company’s products with initiatives such as Project Alloy and Threading Building Blocks.

Huascar has been recognized with several awards, including the prestigious EE Times Innovation Award in 2016 and the Intel National Achievement Award in 2018. Huascar Lopez is a highly respected leader in technology and industry, and his insights into how to innovate products will be valuable to any business.

In 1995, Huascar Lopez founded and became CEO of CGI Group, a leading Web development, and online marketing services provider. Huascar Lopez is a well-known entrepreneur and CEO. He founded CGI Group and has since led the company to success. A private equity firm acquired CGI Group for over $2 billion.

Lopez has a background in engineering and has worked in several technology companies before founding CGI Group. His experience with online marketing and Web development makes him an expert in the field. Lopez is also involved in several philanthropic organizations, including the Clinton Global Initiative and the Children’s Defense Fund. He is dedicated to helping others and contributing to society overall.


Huascar Lopez is a self-made billionaire businessman from Peru. Huascar Lopez is the founder and chairman of Welspun Group, a multinational conglomerate that manufactures textiles, home appliances, paper products, and food products. Lopez’s business interests span 17 countries and employ over 100,000 people.