How an Enterprise Called Eterneva Intends to Help Families in Grief Process after the Death of Their Loved One

Eterneva is a cremation-diamond company that was founded in 2016 by Archer and Ozar. The firm has specialized in the death care industry, where it uses the consumers’ cultural norms and the art of beauty. In this year 2021, the company intends to collaborate with funeral homes to improve and enhance funeral services using modern technology during the death of the consumers’ loved ones. The loved ones comprises of person or pets.

During an exclusive interview with the insider, its founder, and chief executive officer revealed that the firm offers a grief journey to its customers. The firm works with customers by sending a welcoming kit to their email and places orders of a nearly half-cup of ashes to use when cremating pets. The enterprise would create diamond rings in the lab using carbon from ashes and yellow necklaces from the ashes.

The headquarters of Eterneva Company is located in Austin. The carbon is extracted and offered to the firm in a process called the diamond seed. The carbon then undergoes a purification process in a laboratory processing technique that resembles artificial diamonds in the market. The process takes up to nine months for the company’s employees to produce visual and video updates for the families that had placed orders for the diamonds. Finally, the firm plans a homecoming ceremony once the diamond is completely processed.

The firm comprises about thirty employees and nearly seven hundred clients. The company’s market research indicates that three-quarters of the customers who placed orders for diamonds did not know anything about their post-mortem process. However, the strategy revolves around close relatives of the pet or the person who has died. Archer is the founder and CEO of the firm, who controls about 9 percent of the company’s total shareholding. Currently, Archer plays the role of the company advisor to the board of directors who makes critical decisions in the firm. Read more: