Franci Neely’s Success Story

Franci Neely is a very influential figure in the American community.

Many people have recognized the talented executive because of her involvement with volunteer work and philanthropy.

Before starting to get involved with philanthropy, Neely was working in the law industry.

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The long and amazing career life in the law is something she is very proud of.

Neely worked at Susman Godfrey as a partner for a while.

The law executive retired from the law after she left the company.

She had spent more than twenty years working in business litigation, and she has managed to handle so many successful negotiations.

Every professional wants to make a positive impact in their career lives.

Neely put a smile on the faces of many clients while trying to make business negotiations on their behalf.

After leaving her high-profile career, the talented executive decided she was going to spend her life working with several charity organizations in the United States.

Neely has worked on several boards too, making a great impact at all times.

Today, Neely and her family live in Houston.

The legal expert loves traveling and exploring new places.

In her career life, the lawyer has managed to travel to more than one hundred and eighty countries in the world.

Neely has lived in Kuwait, Qatar, Morocco, India, and Cuba.

During her trips, the business executive loves photography.

Her greatest desire is to visit and see every country in the world while holding her camera.

Before starting her amazing career life, Neely had time to lay an amazing foundation for her career life.

The executive went to the University of Texas to study law.

The influential philanthropist graduated with high honors because of her commitment to her studies.

Her passion for giving back to the needy is what motivated her to retire from the legal industry to focus all her attention on charity.

Not many women around the world are able to take this tough path.

Franci Neely understands the benefits of balancing her professional and personal lives, a secret that has helped her to remain successful over the years.

Her goal is to reach out to as many needy people as possible.

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