Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group was founded by Rob Kauffman, Randal Nardone, and Wes Edens in 1998. With its headquarter in New York, this firm deals primarily in investment management. Fortress also provides other financing solutions to investors in real estate and other special situations.

The investment group manages clients from different institutions. Additionally, they handle private investors globally on matters ranging from credit, private equity, traditional strategies of asset management, and hedge funds.

The Expansion

Up to 2010, Fortress Investment Group expanded its operation and highly diversified into debts securities, real estate, and hedge funds. It has seen rapid growth, with private equity worth 39.7% in 2006. However, during the economic woes in 2008, the investment group had dwindling success records of operations making its founders lose lots of money.

The Fortress Investment Group founded its credit business in 2002. Through this, they manage assets for very prominent allocators in the world. They help grow the investors’ capital, given their experience over the years in different markets and geographies. In 2014, it became the best hedge funds manager in New York and beyond.

Recent Ventures

Recently, Fortress Investment Group is venturing into managing several businesses within New York and acquiring other foundations and companies. In 2020, the group was bidding to be a shareholder in a Japanese company, Unizo.

In July 2021, an agreement between Fortress Investment Group and colony Capital stated that the group’s affiliates would co-invest with Colony in vehicles and jointly manage funds from their real estate. In October of the same year, the group received a performance award as the best in management of hedge funds and incorporating inclusivity and diversity. In December 2021, Fortress partnered with BrightSpire Capital and DigitalBridge to jointly manage the assets. The companies are investors in vehicles and the real estate sector. Other than the US, they operate and own assets in France, Ireland, the UK, and Spain to know more click here.