Eduardo Sonoda Shares 3 Tips Marketing Agencies can Use to Succeed

The year has been one of change in digittal marketing. Covid-19 wreaked havoc on the world and people had nowhere to turn but online. Consumers started spending more money on oline products and services for entertainment, work and shopping. Eduardo Sonoda, CEO of Eduardo Sonoda Advisory says it brought about a scramble for upgrading of services and speeding up websites to accomodate the additional customers. It is this change that has led to new marketing trends and methods.

Let’s take a look at three top marketing trends for 2021 and 2022 as outlined by Eduardo Sonoda.

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Today it is important to define the purpose of an online business. They need to know why they exist and who the serve so they can allow people to successfully navigate through their websites and services. CMO’s who know how to highlight their purpose can drive more audiences to their site and make more conversions.

Attain Agility

Agile marketing helps you survive and practice your marketing skills in an efficient way. For instance, you can link your marketing campaign to some other aspect, as we saw in Nike’s campaign for “Play Inside.”

Create That Human Connection

Above all. Eduardo Sonoda believes marketing agencies need to improve their human connections. When you focus on human connections rather than on efficiency and speed you can remain successful. A prime example of this was Carter’s Children’s wear campaign with their slogan, “Stay Home and Make Memories.”

Build Trust

Another important element for E-commerce is to build up the trust factor. They need to build trust in their consumers and build up services that help brands build up their consumer trust. A good example of doing this is to add customer testimonials as these offer great results.

Bottom Line

When we add these important features to the already successful marketing campaigns we can improve the ROI and the sales for our customers, says Eduardo Sonoda. In reality, it is about being a more humane and caring type of business. That is the key to success this year.