Consistent Success Has Been Characteristic of the Professional Exploits of Krishen Iyer

The professional career of Krishen Iyer has seen him find success in fields such as insurance, marketing, and strategic growth. He attended San Diego State where he earned his public administration degree. After graduating from college, Krishen Iyer went into the insurance business where he launched the Name My Premium company. The firm’s growth trajectory was impressive and helped Iyer to build his reputation as a business professional of note.


The next business venture launched by Krishen Iyer, a lead generation, insurance, and marketing firm known as Managed Benefit Services, was also an impressive success. The company has a reputation for helping clients to increase sales. The current focus for Krishen Iyer is on the work that he is doing as the chief executive at MAIS Consulting. He is the founder of the firm which focuses on assisting clients in areas that include company policies, contracting, and strategic growth. 

Iyer and his team also assist clients in their marketing efforts. Beyond his dedication to professional success, Krishen Iyer is a notable philanthropist. He is committed to finding ways to give back to the community. A charity that has been a key focus for Krishen Iyer is the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Outside of his professional and philanthropic efforts, Iyer is a devoted family man who enjoys finding the opportunity to play tennis.