Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group was founded by Rob Kauffman, Randal Nardone, and Wes Edens in 1998. With its headquarter in New York, this firm deals primarily in investment management. Fortress also provides other financing solutions to investors in real estate and other special situations. The investment group manages clients from different institutions. Additionally, they handle private […]

Jason Hughes is Helping Multiple Investors through Construction Management Approaches

In the United States, there are very many investors who are involved in the construction of various properties across the country. Most of these investors have huge resources. They always want to be in a position where they are constructing multiple properties simultaneously so that they can complete such projects within a short period and […]

Consistent Success Has Been Characteristic of the Professional Exploits of Krishen Iyer

The professional career of Krishen Iyer has seen him find success in fields such as insurance, marketing, and strategic growth. He attended San Diego State where he earned his public administration degree. After graduating from college, Krishen Iyer went into the insurance business where he launched the Name My Premium company. The firm’s growth trajectory […]

Fortress Investment Group Acquires One of Britain’s Top Supermarket Chains

The New York based investment management firm Fortress Investment Group has looked to expand its activity in the retail sector. Recently, the firm acquired a controlling interest in Morrison’s which is one of Britain’s largest grocery store chains. This recent acquisition will allow Fortress to oversee the retailer’s operations as well as help it continue […]

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Spurring Hawkers’ Success With Forward-Thinking

The now-trendy Hawkers sunglasses company began as a more modest startup in Spain, based on the second-hand merchandising company, Saldum Ventures. Saldum’s business model itself was less than successful to start, leading its founders, David and Alex Moreno, and friends, Pablo Sánchez and Iñaki Soriano, to invest $300 in 27 pairs of Knockaround sunglasses from […]