Andrew Brooks’ Insights on Current Retail Trends

Andrew Brooks is the founder of Sinclair Global. As a renowned retail innovator, recently, he had an opportunity to be on the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2020 Vision Panel. The chance allowed him to share his thoughts regarding the current retail trends. Here is an overview of what he had to say.

Among the rising trends in modern-day retail is the use of influencers for marketing. Sinclair founder Andrew Brooks Sinclair appreciates the role of this important group of marketers at a personal level. However, those seeking influencer services need to start doing things differently. It is crucial to ensure that the people on the platform for the person you have chosen to work with are those you associate with online. Be their friends and develop a relationship with the influencer’s audience.

There are many things that retailers need to consider when choosing an influencer. It does not help your business to select an individual randomly. Always ensure that the person brings new customers or exposes you to them. Also, go for an influencer who understands the product you ask them to promote. If possible, enlighten them on the product as much as possible.

One of the important things which the Sinclair founder pointed out is the importance of working with an individual that can fit into the price of your product. If you are marketing an expensive item, work with someone that can place that item before people that can buy or are likely to buy. Giving your brand publicity is not enough; your aim has to be on sales as well. Therefore if the influencer can’t deliver, look elsewhere or train one. Andrew Brooks is an excellent example of the advantages of working with influencers. He has mastered the art of creating beneficial relationships with celebrities. Vianel is an example of the impact of such relationships and should inspire all modern-day retailers.

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