Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, the President of Hawkers Co.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a lineage of Hermogenes Lopez, born on February 22, 1980; He is a businessperson in the area of EPC and energy. He is also the present President and chairperson of Hawkers Co. and Auro Travel founder.


Alejandro Betancourt Lopez got Business Administration and Economics degrees from Suffolk University situated in Massachusetts, United States. He started his administration profession with BEG Energy and, after, a commodity trader company called Guruceaga Group. Shortly afterward, he became the commercial manager for ICC-OEOC company based in the UK, being the first Latin American, which gives solutions 0ffshore oil manufacturing company.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has taken the lead for several companies like Hawkers Co., O’Hara Administration (an international company that manages assets) and Pacific Exploration and Production, previously known as Pacific Rubiales Energy, which has expanded to the United States, Africa, Europe, South America, and the Middle East. His career started as a manager at several companies among Guruceaga Group, an organization devoted to international trade in real estate, goods, farm and finance, and a subsidiary of Kawasaki Industries called BGB Energy.

Even though Alejandro Betancourt Lopez did not begin the organization, he was introduced by a bunch of investors back in 2016 to assist stabilize Hawkers in matters money and give an inflow of external funding to build the brand and expand its reach. At that time, it had quality sunglasses at fair prices, which build the reputation from people’s praises. The organization was commended in 2015 for beginning with a $300 investment and shooting to $60 million two years later. However, the company was on the verge of shutting down even though the digits were good because expenses began to increase.

This made Lopez and a bunch of investors form a group named Saldum Ventures and is calculated $56 million into the company, which has a new goal of expanding and adjusting to Spain’s recession.