Adelle Archer Invites Investors To Fund The Extension of Eterneva

Eterneva is a grief and memorial company with its roots in Austin, Texas. The company helps mourners to celebrate their loved ones by turning their cremated ashes into beautiful diamonds. Clients are given opportunities to personalize the diamonds according to their specifications based on colors, size, and shapes. The Austin-based company recently announced its extension plans to increase its reach to the increasing number of customers.

Eterneva has been in existence for the last five years. The company was founded by Adelle Archer and her partner Garett Ozar. Adelle identified the need to establish the company to keep the memories of a friend and mentor, Tracey, who succumbed to pancreatic cancer.

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The process of making the diamond is made possible by the presence of carbon particles in the ashes. The ashes are passed through a graphite cubicle applied with high heat and temperature to extract carbon particles which are later passed through high pressure to create the gems. The company has acquired machines that withstand these conditions to develop diamonds from the carbon elements in your loved one’s ashes.

The whole process of converting the ashes takes approximately 7-10 months. During this process, Eterneva connects with its clients by giving them control over the process. Each client is assigned a sales personnel who update the customer n every detail by sharing pictures and videos until the final delivery is made to the client.

As a visionary leader, Adelle Archer has laid the foundation to expand the company. The expanded facility consists of a new lab with the capacity to produce more than 75 diamonds and over 500 customers each year.

Adelle Archer has invited huge investors to make a move possible that will bring considerable amounts to the factory. Some of the investors include SoGal, Founder Collective, Springdale, and NextCoast, among other individuals. The new facility will play a key role in bringing innovation and change to the grievance and wellness world.

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