Academy of Art University Has New Projects Coming Down the Line


Ideation was the initial stage towards finishing this work. In order to meet the requirements of Stellantis, each student at Academy of Art University devised a topic that fit the bill. Climate change, social injustice, social health and more were among the topics discussed. Solar energy in cars was also mentioned.

The learners then had to identify others who shared their vision in order to form teams to dissolve this large class. As a result, we were able to put together the following groups: Moment, Global, Symnity, Neo, and Intermezzo as well as Gaia, Global, and Intermezzo.

As one graduate from the Faculty of Interior Architecture and Design from Academy of Art University put it, “Academy of Art University is a highly diversified school, and I think that benefits us a lot as designers.” “That, in my opinion, is the brilliance of a project of this nature. What I don’t know is where you’re coming from, or why you’re doing this, and we need to discuss about it. Designers can grow as a result of this, I believe.”

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Stellantis had a constant presence throughout the project and was always ready to give input. In this way, the pupils were able to keep on track and headed in the proper direction. This was clearly no average class project, as evidenced by the level of participation.

It was Stellantis who benefited from students’ fresh ideas and real-world problem-solving experience, and the students benefited from Stellantis’ access to these resources. As Tom Collom, an instructor at the School of Industrial Design, put it, “collaborations like these benefit both parties.”

Anness, Stellantis’ Core Design Group Director, found the partnership to be exactly what he was looking for. In the end, I believe that optimism was what made our cooperation so gratifying. One thing we were hoping to discover–and did discover–was the project’s limitless potential.”