PlayUp Global CEO Daniel Simic Announce Company Going Public

Daniel Simic, PlayUp Limited CEO, announced that the Company is going public through a business combination with IG Acquisition Corp. This will result in PlayUp merging with IG Acquisition to form a publicly traded company that will be listed on NASDAQ.IG Acquisition Corp is a blank check company formed by IG Group Holdings plc (LSE: […]

Dennis Lynch of Rumson, NJ Explains Wellness Architecture

Wellness architecture offers many benefits, including a healthier home that consumes less energy and has lower monthly utility bills. Real estate analyst Dennis Lynch of Rumson NJ recommends applying the tenets of wellness architecture to every new building but also has a few suggestions on integrating them into existing homes. Wellness architecture aims to create […]

 The Role of a Financial Chief Officer- Gary McGaghey

The Covid-19 pandemic might be over, but the crisis has stirred a lot of economic indecision, and businesses worldwide are struggling to adapt to the changes and the challenges. Chief Financial Officers are the head of finances in the organization, and the covid-19 pandemic distracted their role. The financial presidents are facing the challenge of […]