Laura Rea Dickey Is One Of the Top Resourceful People In DBR

Can one achieve success if his or her actions are not data-driven? Of course not. This is because, lack of knowledge results in inadequate decisions, leading to failure. Laura Rea Dickey believes that data-driven decisions are more accurate than following a gut feeling that is not always correct. In an article entitled “We are passionate […]

How Richard DeVaul Spearheaded The Innovation Approaches

In an article entitled “Want Innovation? Forget Invention, Learn To Execute”, Richard DeVaul explains Overvaluing invention and undervaluing execution leads to poor resource allocation and underperformance in most innovation-focused organizations. High-impact innovation comes from putting the pieces together well — design — and delivering a great product — execution. Richard DeVaul ascertains innovation perspective is […]

Online Real Estate Sales: Concierge Auctions

Concierge Auctions is a world-leading marketplace for the trade of the most luxurious real estate. With its establishment in 2008, Concierge Auctions has since sold properties worth billions and billions of dollars to over forty-four different states in the US and properties in about twenty-nine countries. The digitalization of the world enabled Concierge Auctions to […]