Who is Richard Liu of JD.com

Richard Liu, JD.com’s founder and CEO, drives the company with a lot of integrity and honesty. Through Richard’s leadership expertise, the eCommerce company has expanded from a tiny store to one of the world-leading companies in terms of revenue. Though Richards owns over $12.7 billion net worth, he remains humble and loyal to his vast customer base. The Fortune Magazine recognized him in its World’s Greatest Leaders List. The recent technological advancements have enabled Richard Liu to invest maximumly in technology. Richard has brought on the use of Artificial Intelligence, drones, and big data into the operations of JD.com.

The China-born and raised entrepreneur, Richard Liu Qiangdong, grew up in abject poverty. His parents were peasant farmers who unwillingly relocated to Chang’an village during the rise of communism in the 1940s. Unlike the rest of the country, the village lacked essentials like tap water, paved roads, and electricity. Getting proper and nutritious meals was hard for them. They relied on eating corn and sweet potatoes products.

Upon completing his secondary school education, Richard Liu embarked on securing a higher education slot in Beijing and Shanghai. He believed that only large cities would give him the necessary exposure for succeeding in life. Richard joined Renmin University after passing his college entrance exam. Getting a train ticket to Beijing’s university was a problem due to extreme poverty back at home. However, family, friends and relative came in for his support, and he was able to report for his studies.

Richard Liu pursued sociology at Renmin University as he wanted to join politics. Richard realized he could do a part-time job during his free time after classes. Richard secured a small job involving hand-copying letter for a small business that could not afford a photocopier. He also trained in computer skills. With the change of political landscape in China and the influx of capitalist business people looking for experts in computer programing, Richard became a famous and highly contracted computer genius. He earned a lot of money, hence constructing a house for his parents back in the village.

Richard Liu used the cash he had to buy a cell phone and computer. He also used $1,760, his savings, to establish Jingdong, an electronic selling company that later become JD.com. The 2003 SARS pandemic forced people to stay indoors; hence Jingdong started selling its products online.

Original source to learn more: https://www.jd.id/liu-qiangdong-jd-ceo-about