Robinson Helicopter Company dedicated to quality and efficiency

Robinson HelicopterRobinson Helicopters is the leading producer of civil helicopters, visit their Instagram page @RobinsonHelicopters you can be taken away by the mesmerizing photos. They produce 3 models, the two-seat R22, the four-seat R44, and the five-seat R66. Once again all of these models can be found on their Instagram page. Robinson helicopter company’s goal is to produce the highest quality helicopters while making them in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. This has been their vision from the start, from their founder Frank Robertson in 1973.

Robinson Helicopter

From their first prototype taking flight at Torrance Airport in 1975. All the way up until their R66 passed over 1million flight hours, just a couple of years ago and selling over 13,000 helicopters in this year of 2021. They do all of this and still manage to stay family-owned. They seem to be dedicated to their mission for almost 50 years. Robinson Helicopter Company also offers pilot safety training courses along with their first-class helicopters. This is a three-day course offering a one-hour flight with a trained RHC pilot. They seem to continue to put lots of effort into the research and technology behind all of their aircrafts. They do all of their assembles and inspection at the Torrance California Factory. Just down the street from their first-ever flight. They seem to stay local and family-owned and manage to compete with the best. Growing to have thousands of employees dedicated to their mission. With all of this Robinson Helicopter Company easily attracts a global audience.