Professional Accountabilities and Growth for Abdulla Al Humaidi

Abdulla Al Humaidi is the founder of KEH that has been operational since 2008. The entrepreneur has developed the company from the grassroots, and he works as the CEO today. Serving in senior positions before founding the company gave him experience and the confidence to create a successful organization such as Kuwaiti European Holding. Among the professional responsibilities that Abdulla Al Humaidi had in the past, they include serving as the Executive Vice Chairman to numerous organizations. Abdulla Al Humaidi has built a reputation in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, where he worked for several years. 


His hard work and investment experience made Remal and Al Mudon companies triumph in the Kuwait Stock market. Investing in multiple industries has allowed Abdulla Al Humaidi to create a healthy network in the international realm. He is famous in fields such as healthcare, hospitality and leisure. Apart from Kuwait, Abdulla Al Humaidi has also invested in other countries that include Egypt and the United Kingdom.


Academic Background


Humaidi has studied well to create a successful career. The knowledge he acquired at the university gave him an upper hand when establishing KEH, which has developed immensely, dominating the business industry. Before starting his career, he invested seven years studying medicine, which saw him graduate from the Royal College of Surgeons. Abdulla is also a knowledgeable investor who has made an admirable profile in the field. Several companies have started and registered growth courtesy of his professional input and investment skills. They include Armila Capital, Aqueous Resort, the London Resort, and ESTRICO. Companies affiliated with KEH and Abdulla Al Humaidi contribute to the economic growth in their respective regions. They have created many employment opportunities, a fact that makes the entrepreneur proud. Besides him succeeding in business, he has also made others excel by creating opportunities.