PosiGen Solar Power Empowers Homeowners

In a world where the energy demands are heightening due to continued innovation and automation, there is a greater need for an alternative, environmentally friendly power supply. For this case, solar energy has become the most convenient and reliable energy source for its numerous benefits to the environment and human health. PosiGen is one of the innovative power generating companies that has sought to fill the market gap to provide clean, reliable and inexpensive solar power. Since its inception, the company has focused on ensuring that its services and products benefit low-income households and homes belonging to people of colour. PosiGen implements two programs under its business model: 


The solar leasing program and the purchase. The company’s fundamental goal is to ensure that customers can pay less by significantly reducing their expenses on utility bills. The solar power company values its clients and has assured them that their installation, maintenance, and monitoring services are free. Under the leasing program, homeowners access solar power supply from PosiGen’s primary grid. In addition, the company installs one-directional kilowatt meters, which monitor and quantify the energy consumed, making it easy to determine the amount payable. 


Over the years, leasing has become the most prominent package, and the company prides itself in connecting over 12,000 homes to date under the program. PosiGen solar power company´s purchasing package allows well off homeowners to generate solar power in their homes. In addition, the PosiGen company takes care of all processes, including acquiring the necessary permits. The purchase package comes with the entire solar power system and two-directional net meters (Bizneworleans). 

The program allows homeowners to generate power to meet their demands. They can also sell the excess energy to PosiGen’s grid with a guarantee to access power from the company for free in the future. Additionally, the purchase package customers benefit from discounted prices and flexible financing. PosiGen also examines clients’ homes to determine air leakage points and conducts energy-efficient upgrades, which helps conserve energy. Additionally, the company is on a mission to empower the communities it serves economically also. PosiGen points out that close to three-quarters of its workforce comprise persons of colour and women. The company has created a lasting impact on the environment and people’s lives in the U.S.