One Year of Business: Dave Antrobus & Scott Dylan Celebrate

Scott DylanDave Antrobus and Scott Dylan have been successfully running their business for a year now. The two entrepreneurs, who met in university, celebrated this milestone by hosting a party at Inc Co with friends and family.

Antrobus and Dylan have been running their business since the end of the final term in 2011 after they teamed up to create a mobile app for iPhone and Android called Inequality. The app, which has been downloaded over 3000 times, provides users with every piece of data from all Scottish Premiership matches during the season to follow their favorite team.

They have been interviewed by Fresh Thinking Group, the Evening Express, and Ocean FM. They have also been in talks with Dundee FC, who they hope to work with when their new app for Scottish Premiership football is released at the start of the next football season, they said.

Scott Dylan graduated from Dundee University last year with degrees in computer science and business management, respectively. He has recently told the Fresh Thinking Group that he is thinking about going into teaching soon after realizing that university life was too easy to waste time studying.

Meanwhile, Dave Antrobus has a degree in computer science and business management from the same Welsh college as Dylan. But he told Fresh Thinking Group that his degree courses did not help him learn anything useful for starting a business. He now hopes to study for his MBA at Abertay University, he said.

Scott Dylan told the Fresh Thinking Group that he is also very interested in photography. He said that there are lots of similarities between developing a photograph and developing an app, claiming that both need to be tested rigorously to make sure they work well. He developed a passion for photography as a child and has been taking photos ever since.

Dave Antrobus and Scott Dylan had some success as they started their business this year. They got some good reviews from the news and various forums on the Internet, which is one of many ways that entrepreneurs can market their products or services to potential customers.