Min-Liang Tan Story Of Success

Creating new businesses is not a walk in the park. Many businesses created in the recent years end up with very negative results just five years later. Before a company has celebrated their tenth birthday in the global market, they are still considered by experts to be startups. With the increase in technology advancements, the fate of many businesses, especially the new ones, has changed. Navigating new markets without proper skills always leads to failure. Consumers who risk their money to investment in new businesses end up getting very huge losses.

Those who go to the extent of getting loans for their businesses and then end up with losses have the biggest burden for years. After losing their capital, these people end up spending very miserable lives while repaying the loans they acquired. The challenges in the global business industry is what keep many business owners on their toes. Fortunately, Min-Liang Tan had the best experience with his first business.

Min-Liang Tan was very new in business when he established Razer in the year 2005. Today, Razer Inc is a household name in the global society. This establishment is very popular among people who enjoy playing games online. Razer traces its great roots to 2005 when it first made its modern mouse to test the online market and prove to themselves that they could handle the industry issues.

Tan is a committed and passionate entrepreneur based in Singapore. In 2005, the successful entrepreneur launched his business and leveraged his professional intuition towards its success. The gaming company has risen through the ranks to acquire a massive global following.

Min-Liang Tan, as the Razer CEO, has been overseeing the daily and complex operations in the top and prestigious gaming facility. His customers in gaming industry are not only from the United States. Min-Liang Tan is a Singapore native. His idea of business began in the US, but it has done equally well in Singapore where the founder grew up. Singapore young people have benefited so much from the venture introduced by one of their own. See this article for more information.


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