Maven Enjoys New Leader in Ross Levinsohn

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn is an established CEO who started his career with entrepreneurship. In 1985, with a degree from American University in hand, another graduate from American University’s broadcast communications program joined Levinsohn in founding a production business. Their successful firm operated for four years in a competitive industry. Though Levinsohn and his business partner decided to sell and part ways, the process would set him up for future entrepreneurial successes.

Levinsohn’s next step was to join Time Warner Sports. Its promotion department had an opening. He spent five years creating successful promotions and marketing campaigns. He also spent five years at SportsLine, but he returned to production services in his work there. Alta Vista was a growing internet company in the late 1990s, and it planned to launch a portal. Levinsohn joined it to assist. He departed in 2001 when the project was junked.

Fox Interactive Sports Media was another internet company that grew quickly, and it offered Levinsohn a management role in 2001. His success there was spectacular, and he became its CEO three years after joining the firm. In 2006, Levinsohn departed as Fox Interactive Sports Media’s CEO and returned to his foundation of entrepreneurship. This time, he co-founded a digital ad company. His co-founder was James Heckman. Their company turned a profit for four years, growing at a rapid rate. Yahoo took notice and bought their enterprise for a cool $28 million in 2010.

Levinsohn accepted Yahoo’s offer to come aboard. He served as a division executive for two years and as the organization’s interim CEO for a few months. Ross Levinsohn spent the rest of the 2010s as the president or CEO at a range of companies. A few of them were the Los Angeles Times and Tribune Company.

Heckman had built Maven after selling his share of 5to1 in 2010. In just nine years, Maven had grown into a large media corporation, and its newest addition needed a fresh leader. Sports Illustrated Media’s reach and readership had dwindled. Levinsohn quickly turned it around. Heckman recently chose Ross Levinsohn to be the new CEO of Maven.