Mathew Fleeger’s Philanthropic Acts Towards Children Diagnosed with Cancer Through His Gulf Coast Western

Matthew FleegerThe Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger and Sadie Keller, a girl from Bartonville in Texas aged 13, have something in common. Both are cancer survivors. They employ that bond in helping children who are living with cancer. Sadie Keller founded a foundation called Sadie Keller Foundation after her experience of suffering from lymphoblastic leukaemia. Her foundation focuses on bringing joy to children when they are diagnosed with cancer. Matthew Fleeger directed the Gulf Coast Western to partner with Sadie Keller Foundation to pursue several projects together after his battle with cancer. He formed this partnership because he had an experience with cancer and understood the spiritual and physical impacts cancer has on a patient. Thus, children require a lot of strength and courage to endure this type of disease; therefore, according to him, they require a lot of compassion and support.

Through Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger has donated us dollars amounting to 25000 and dedicated the foundation’s employees towards achieving the foundation’s main annual project. This yearly project gathers toys to give Sadie’s foundation and then distributes these toys to teens and children fighting cancer and hospitalized. The initial goal of the company was to amass over 10,000 toys. Interestingly, each year, the company surpasses the goal. Last year, despite the disruptions that the pandemic made and the effects it presented to the children’s lives, the company’s team worked harder, thereby increasing what it contributes by more than 25 per cent.

Matthew Fleeger

As stated by Mathew Fleeger, due to the restrictions made by the pandemic, children hospitalized due to cancer could not play in groups and could not be visited by many people at the same time. Only one parent was allowed to visit therefore necessitating compassion. His heart always cries out to children who suffer from pediatric cancer since most of them are not permitted to associate with each other. Every year, his employees are paired off by skills including girls’ toys, boys’ toys and electronics to buy and shop even 6000 toys from a single seller. These toys include children preferences, such as wheel tanks, dolls and bicycles. These teams take the gifts to Sadie Keller Foundation annually.