Laura Rea Dickey, Marketing Brains Behind Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant


Laura Rea Dickey has been with Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant for ten years now. For this family-owned business, Laura Rea has been an asset at the forefront of its marketing strategies. She has ensured that the renowned restaurant uses the latest forms of technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data.

Currently, she serves as the CEO of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant. Through her leadership, the restaurant has survived tough economic times caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


A look into the history of Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant

Over time Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant has grown to have over 550 restaurant locations in the United States. Before this restaurant attained this massive success, its history began in 1941 when Travis Dickey opened a single restaurant in Dallas, Texas. His wife Ollie offered assistance around the restaurant, and in two decades, the barbecue restaurant became one of the most popular joints in Dallas, Texas.

A new direction came for the restaurant when his sons took up the restaurant; their vision was to expand and open new locations; slowly, the expansion began as they opened restaurants in Dallas – Fort Worth Metropolitan. Soon enough, the number of locations was outgrowing their control but with a constant demand of the Dickey’s Barbeque Pit meat. The very first location outside Texas was in Denver, Colorado, and ever since, the restaurant has been on constant growth. Go to this page for more information.


Seeking new opportunities

Laura Rea Dickey acknowledges that the family has always been open to seeking new opportunities. Further, she recognizes the efforts put in by her family because it is through a strong and flexible foundation that people like her have had an easy time taking the restaurant to the next level. Laura Rea Dickey lives and operates from Dallas, Texas. She became CEO in 2017, but before that, she was the Chief Information Officer.


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