Kevin Seawright’s Success in the Real Estate Industry

RPS Solutions LLC is a real estate company that Kevin Seawright founded in 2015. Since then, the firm has helped Baltimore residents with low incomes to own homes in the area and beyond. RPS Solutions aims at providing opportunities for people to own homes at affordable prices. It buys and renovates properties in Baltimore and the surrounding cities. The company collaborates with several institutions such as the NCST to help people who want to buy houses for the first time realize their dreams.

Kevin Seawright attained a degree in public accounting while at the university. It enabled him to work in the position of an operating officer in one of the biggest public-school districts. In 2004, Mr. Seawright won Baltimore’s innovative and leadership talent award because of his exemplary financial skills. Before opening RPS Solutions, Mr. Seawright worked in New Jersey, Columbia, and Washington.

While working with the Newark Corporation, he saw the successful extension of the Rutgers University. He also helped youths to get employment in various organizations. Since he works with different youth assistance programs, Mr. Seawright mentors the young adults in the city and neighboring it. He studied Business Administration at Almeda University, where he graduated with a degree.

He also holds a non-profit certification from the Notre Dame University. From the many years that Kevin Seawright has worked in the real estate industry, he has gained significant expertise in helping individuals to own homes and entrepreneurs improve their businesses.

What Led Kevin to Start RPS Solutions LLC

As he was growing up, Mr. Seawright noticed that most adults lived in rented homes. When working with different organizations, he gained financial management skills, which helped him realize that renting a house contributes to economic instability. He believes that investing in real estate is one of the best decisions that people should make.

He was involved in the community; hence, he understood the implications of living in urban areas. Therefore, he discovered that people lacked the necessary resources to own homes. Kevin Seawright started RPS Solutions to help people with that. The company allows individuals to own homes in their desired neighborhoods.