Gary McGaghey Discusses The Role of CFOs in the Changing Business Landscape

Gary McGaghey is a top-notch business professional with about 20 years of experience working as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at various notable companies. He currently serves as the CFO Of Williams Lea Tag, owned by private equity firms Advent International and PE Group. During a recent interview, Gary went on to discuss the role of CFOs in the changing business landscape.  See more information at

Helping companies adapt to the evolving tax policies

This first-class business professional said that as the business landscape keeps changing, so does the role of CFOs. He pointed out that in this digital business age, the role of a CFO is more critical than ever before to the success of a company. Gary McGaghey explained that moving forward, CFOs will be in a challenging position as they now have to prepare their enterprises for several competing regulatory and policy imperatives. They have to do this amid uncertain timelines and tensions in Washington, which will make the undertaking more complicated.

Currently, Congress is working through the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the budgetary reconciliation bill tangled with tax reform proposals and debt ceiling negotiations. Additionally, there are numerous foreign tax shifts bound to affect international business. These create a maze of evolving tax policies that CFOs have to figure out to secure the continued prosperity of their businesses.

About Gary McGaghey

This globally renowned CFO started his career working at Unilever South Africa in 2002 before proceeding to be the Global M&A Director for Unilever in 2005. Between 2005 and 2011, he served as the Interim CEO of Unilever South Africa and was the Vice President of Finance at Unilever from 2011 to 2015. Gary McGaghey became the CFO of Unilever from 2017 to 2019 before joining Nelsons in the same capacity. He attended the University of South Africa, graduating with an Accounting and Corporate Finance degree.