DroppTV is Venturing into the Shopatainment Industry

Over the decade, dynamic advancement in the video industry has been greatly noted. There has been a rise from theater films all the way to live streaming through mobile phones. Most clothing outlets have discovered that introducing videos as they market their products is a definite way of increasing their sales. However, most customers are finding the idea disruptive to their experience in viewing.

The view of having commercial breaks in the middle of the desired program is still observed over forty-five years after the first situation comedy was made public. Gurp Rai, the creator of DroppTV had an inspiration of having both entertainment and advertising as one entity: shopatainment. A very good example is Instagram which has been able to achieve that vision although there is no other program that can cater for videos.

droppTV has endeavored to achieve shopatainment by involving robotics. This aims at simplifying the buying power of a customer thus enabling them to buy directly from the producers. Impressed by a music video, Rai felt it a perfect fit for shopatainment as it portrayed the intrinsic values of his aim. It has created an essential platform to fabricate their videos and entertain their viewers.

Following the debut, aspiring artists for instance Ashanti and A$AP Mob just to mention but a few have been able to air their exclusive content. DroppTV has partnered with the music industry, and fashion shows. This collaboration aims at creating the latest encounter as well as increasing the ability of certain marque to attend the shows.

Currently, interested customers can easily shop due to easy access to the internet in the palm of their hands. Companies must aim at enticing the consumers. This will help increase the sale of their products. DroppTV hopes to end up as one of the best hubs for both creators and advertisers in a few years.