Dick DeVos Runs a Foundation Dedicated to Worthy Causes

There are many causes that deserve a second look. This is something that Dick DeVos believes in utterly. He wants to do good in the world. He believes that everyone should be able to find access to funds to help them live their best lives. That is why he has done much to help others. Dick DeVos has concentrated his work on many areas in life. He has devoted his attention to the world of philanthropy. Over time, his work has been all about providing ways for families to have easier lives. It’s also been about providing ways for people in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan to have a better place to live. This is one place that he loves very much. It’s where he grew up and where he chooses to live. That is why much of his efforts in the world of charity have been about helping making this area a nicer place.


A Foundation


With many goals in mind, Dick DeVos has chosen to establish the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The foundation has been funded by him and his family. They take pride in helping many kinds of worthy causes get off the ground and grow. There are many areas where they have taken an interest. That includes area such as the arts. Dick DeVos wants to encourage people to explore their creativity and bring lots of new arts ideas to the public. They have also helped with other kinds of charity. For example, Dick DeVos has chosen to give money to a local hospital. The hospital is all caring for kids. He donated millions of dollars in memory of his own late mother, Helen DeVos. She is one of the very many reasons why he cares about donating to help others.