ClassDojo to Offer Vital Life Skill Lessons Virtually To Millions of American Kids

Kids in the United States will have a chance to learn life skills lessons taught by Olympians and Paralympians. Several Olympic and Paralympic games experts have signed a partnership with Classroom champions, ClassDojo and NBC Olympics to introduce an educative series called “Heart of a Champion”. In this learning series, children across the country will have a chance to hear stories from some of the best athletes from America. David Boudia, an Olympic diver shares that he will participate in the Heart of a Champion series. According to David, Olympic athletes possess endurance, courage, focus and other attributes, making them the best coaches in providing the young kids with life skills lessons.

David Boudia’s role in the ClassDojo will be to give lessons on focus. The four-time Olympic champion shares that focus is a skill that has helped him win several medals. Whether leaping from a 10-meter board or a 3-meter platform, a diver must concentrate on what they want to achieve. Everyone must have a sharp focus to succeed in whatever task they have. Boudia notes that distractions will sway you from accomplishing your goals.

Sophia Herzog, a Paralympic swimmer and winner of the silver medal, will give lessons on diversity. In the ClassDojo, the 2016 silver medal winner will share how diversity has helped her succeed in life with the kids. Born with Dwarfism, Herzog will help the kids understand how diversity can strengthen their relationship with people around them. Sophia Herzog has participated in the Classroom Champions for over four years and terms the experience as fruitful, especially when her students show positive feedback.

Other athletes participating in the 10 episode series “Heart of a Champion” include Allyson Felix, a track and field athlete whose lessons will major on courage. A Paralympian rugby player, Chuck Aoki, will give lectures on perseverance, while April Ross, a beach volleyball player, will focus on community.

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