ClassDojo Introduces Big Ideas to help students with their emotions

In the global community, ClassDojo is among the most effective and most popular communication platforms used by schools. The app is used by pre-K-8 schools. ClassDojo milestones cannot be compared to any other platform in the world. The app’s management announced the introduction of a new series known as Big Ideas. The aim of this app is to help young people to recognize, understand and at the end of the day express all of their emotions in a good way. The series wants to nurture this behavior for the children so that they can use it when they have finished their school. During summer, ClassDojo leaders spoke to families, teachers and students about the worst challenges they face during the new school calendar. Most conversations held by leaders were all bringing it a common problem in the school community; dealing with different emotions. The parents and students wanted to know how they can deal with their fears and effectively manage their moods. The students wanted to know how they can be positive and optimistic in different phases of their lives and more

ClassDojo acted very fast to deal with these challenges being faced by the parents and students. The team introduced Big Ideas. The facility has gone ahead to produce over twelve animated videos discussing how people, especially young children, can control their emotions. The episodes start by showing the students how they can understand their various emotions and at the end of the day build their emotional intelligence. People learn about new things depending on how they feel when they are excited, anxious or worried about different things in their lives. When children become more aware of their emotions, they stand the chance of being better and productive students who can perform better in class. Emotions hinder the growth of people when they don’t understand them.