Beachbody, a Step Forward for Fitness

ShakeologyMany people have a desire to lose weight and get fit, but starting is a challenge. Some people start only to fall out of step when life gets busy or they have a little setback. Carl Daikeler is on a lifelong mission to help people reach their fitness goals. His career got off to a different start. He was a production specialist for NFL halftime events, and he followed that up with almost 10 years in the infomercial industry.

While Carl Daikeler worked in the industry, he produced a lot of videos for fitness and health items. He noticed how popular they were, and he figured out why. Going to the gym is a hassle. It’s also expensive. He founded Beachbody in 1998 as a way to enhance the convenience and lower the cost of exercising. The program started with around 12 videos. They were on DVDs, and people could buy one or all of them.

Carl Daikeler’s Beachbody program was a huge success, and customers demanded more videos. It didn’t take him and his team long to have hundreds of them in their library. In 2015, they added a streaming service. Subscriptions to it soared in 2020 because gyms and fitness centers as well as outdoor recreational centers had to close. The OpenFit app, which Daikeler added to the program in 2018, also took off in a big way in 2020. OpenFit facilitates exercise networks and social opportunities for people to do the same workout together in a virtual environment.

Nutrition has always been a big part of Carl Daikeler’s life. In 2009, he and Darin Olien started Shakeology. They designed it to be the nutritional complement to the exercise program. They knew that even if a person exercised all day, weight loss wouldn’t be possible with a poor diet.


Shakeology consists of a protein powder. It’s available in sample packets and large packages. Once a person mixes the powder into the milk of their choice, it turns into a rich, satisfying shake. One serving of Shakeology provides 16 or more grams of protein plus plenty of insoluble fiber.